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Why masterminds? Put simply: It is much easier to solve other people’s problems than it is your own and when you tell others about your dreams and goals it is much harder to let them down that it is yourself.

What’s included? Each session the same group of 4 (and myself as facilitator) will hold you accountable to, and support you in achieving your goals. Every session we spend time working on an issue you are facing today. This group is ideal if you have a 40 hour job but want to create something on the side or increase the revenue in your side-hustle.

In 2016 I discovered the power of masterminds, launching a best-selling book and podcast all while working a 40 hour job and seeing two other companies go from idea stage to revenue. If you do one thing for your business and personal development in 2017, make sure it is a mastermind.


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